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About Restyling Mobili


Change color, fabric or shape of your abandoned chair in the basement.

Rethink, redesign, renovate the shabby furniture of the kitchen.

Change functionality and aesthetics of the fashioned sideboard of the bedroom.

In other words: restyling.

A creative recycling to give new life to furniture for home and office.

Do You want some new ideas on how to change your chair, the sofa, the dining table or other furniture?

Begin to browse through the projects already completed!

Don't You decide yet if you want to change your old furniture?

We made a rough price list that can help you to understand if the budget you have available It allows you to start Your restyling project.

You see it, you fall in love and purchase it!

What you will find in the online store will be only yours, in fact are manufactured for sale only "Unique pieces at unique prices" with which you can give a touch of style to your home!

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